St. Augustine's College Kujama

Anima Discendo crescit(The Soul Grows by Learning).


The Order of St. Augustine (OSA) is an international Organization of priests and brothers under the canopy of the Catholic Church. As a norm, all activities of the organization are inspired by the life and writings of the renowned Church Father, St. Augustine of Hippo. During his lifetime, St. Augustine (354-430 AD), led a distinctive life of study, prayer, contemplation, and service to humanity; as a consequence of which he got so much followership. Worthy of mention is also the fact that he authored a lot of books that explained essential Christian doctrines and expatiated on many concepts that touch on Christian morality. It is in record that after the death of Augustine in the year 430 AD, many autonomous groups evolved who based their life on the Rule he had earlier written for himself and the group he led.

In the years 1244 and 1256, in what became known as the “Great Unions” the different autonomous groups that had cropped up who followed the Rule of life that St. Augustine had written were brought together by the authority of the Catholic Church (under the leadership of Pope Innocent IV) to form an apostolic fraternity. Since its official formation, members of the Augustinian Order have worked in different parts of the world (including Nigeria) spreading the gospel values.

After a number of attempts, the Order took roots in Nigeria in 1938. And since then Augustinians in Nigeria have contributed immensely to the spread of the Christian faith and to the development of Nigeria as a nation. These and others have been achieved through the different apostolates of the Order, foremost of which is the Education Apostolate.


To mentor and form spiritually balanced, morally sound and intellectually motivated young men and women that will meaningfully contribute to, and promote the common good of the society, be it spiritual or temporal.


To unite and groom individuals from diverse backgrounds on the tripodal platform of dedication to studies, communal character building and search for God through core Augustinian Values..


Anima Discendo Crescit
(The Soul Grows by Learning)

St. Augustine's College Kujama

In its grand effort to provide education of the highest standard within Nigeria, the Order has taken upon itself the task of establishing well equipped institutions of learning across the country. It is in with this resolve that St. Augustine’s College Kujama was established in 2019, under the dynamic leadership of the Prior Provincial of the Order in Nigeria Very Rev. Fr. John A. Abubakar OSA. The College Provides cutting-edge education to teenagers, with the tripartite aims of producing specialists in all meaningful endeavors’ of life, serving as a pacesetter in the education sector within Nigeria and beyond, as well as promoting the common good of the society.

The college is highly distinguished among schools for its world-class architectural Masterpiece and excellent blend of American, British and Nigerian Curricula for 21st century learners:

  • A co-educational boarding college, Located at kujama; a safe,serene and peaceful part of Kaduna State.
  • Various sports facilities and other extra curricular activities for holistic development
  • Well equipped instructional facilities with an integration of technology in classrooms for participative and interactive learning
  • Spiritually balanced, morally sound and intellectually motivated learners
  • A place of limitless and incredible opportunities for learners!

Our journey

October 2019

At SAC Kujama, there is emphasis on the centrality of God to any true education; in fact, as far as we are concerned, ‘education without God is defective’. Our stand on the necessity of God to education is rooted in the teachings of our Spiritual Father St. Augustine of Hippo, who himself was an educationist. St. Augustine in his philosophy of education insists that the teacher should help the student experience God. Without doubt, in a world that is fast being infected with the viruses of secularism, godlessness and individualism, the Augustinian system of education which St. Augustine’s College Kujama promotes is a ready cure.

  • 23,589 alumni and growing
  • 24 Schools Across the Province
  • 119 Augustinian Frairs Across the Province
  • 32 Augustinian Communities of the Province