The College Clinic

Regina Ejembi is the College nurse. She provides assistance to parents and students on medical concerns or conditions (such as allergies, intolerance, poor vision, ulcer, bleeding etc). She works in line with St Gerard’s Hospital Kaduna to closely examine students’ health issues. The nurse keeps all medical records of students. She ensures that students follow the right prescription or medication.
Parents and Guardians must keep the nurse informed about prescriptions, visit to hospitals and other health issues. The nurse may also reach out to parents to get some vital information on their ward(s) when the need arises.
The sickbay is open all day. Students will be sent to the sickbay in moments of accidents, illness and minor injuries.
Parents should note that appointments with Doctors must be made outside school days and hours. Appointments with doctors should be made during students’ holidays except on critical conditions. The principal must however, be informed two weeks before the date of appointment. Studies in St Augustine’s College is rigorous and time demanding taking students in and out of school on medical reasons highly affect students’ academic achievement.