St. Augustine’s College offers a wide range of subjects in accordance with the curriculum approved for Upper Basic and Senior Secondary Schools. The college also integrates the American, British and Finnish educational systems, and prepares its students for external/international exams such as Cambridge Checkpoint, KSF, AMC, SAT, IGCSE, Cowbellpedia and Olympiad competitions.
The following subjects are offered in Upper Basic and Senior Secondary Classes.

i. English studies
ii. Mathematics
iii. Basic Technology
iv. Business studies
v. Physical and Health Education
vi. Basic Science
vii. Computer studies
viii. Nigerian language – Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba
ix. Literature in English
x. French
xi. Christian Religious Studies
xii. Social studies
xiii. Cultural and creative art
xiv. Agricultural science
xv. Religious and Moral Education
xvi. Home Economics
xvii. Civic Education
The core subjects for all are:
i. English Studies
ii. Mathematics
iii. Civic Education
iv. Trade – Electronic data processing, Book Keeping, Dyeing and bleaching, Painting and decoration
v. Religious and moral Education
i. Physics
ii. Chemistry
iii. Biology
iv. Further Mathematics
i. Technical Drawing
ii. Computer studies
iii. Geography
iv. Economics
v. Agricultural Science
i. Government
ii. Biology
iii. Literature in English
iv. Christian Religious Studies
i. Economics
ii. Computer Studies
iii. Agricultural Science
iv. Nigerian Language
v. Geography
i. Accounting
ii. Commerce
iii. Economics
i. Government
ii. Computer Studies
iii. Agricultural Science
iv. Nigerian Language
v. Christian Religious Studies