St. Augustine's College Kujama

Anima Discendo crescit(The Soul Grows by Learning).


1. Students’ performance in continuous assessment together with performance at terminal examinations are used to determine whether or not the student shall be promoted to a new class at the end of the session.
2. The CAT, student’s class notes, student’s class attendance, project, debate/quiz and assignment, constitute 40% while the term written examination carries 60%
3. PASS MARK: The average pass mark for JSS1 – 3 is 60% in nine core subjects including English and Mathematics, otherwise promotion to a new class will be denied.
4. For Senior Secondary (SS1 – 3) the average pass mark is 60% in all subjects including English language, Mathematics and all the core subjects, otherwise promotion to a new class shall not be effected
5. Assessments are made on continuous basis not only in the area of intellectual ability but also in attitudinal (affective) and psychomotor (manipulative skills) areas of learning
6. Students can be asked to withdraw on the bases of immoral behavior or bad conduct. After the sessional examination, the academic board/promotion committee will meet to deliberate on students due for promotion based on the cumulative academic performance and moral conduct.